Catalyst EC

By Eurotech


The Catalyst EC from Eurotech delivers the power of the Intel® Atom™ processor in an industry standard EPIC form factor. Eurotech offers our leading-edge Catalyst Module, based on the Intel Atom processor at up to 1.6GHz of processing speed and Intel® System Controller Hub US15W (Intel® SCH US15W), with an EPIC form factor carrier board. With under 3W of power consumption and very low heat generation, the Catalyst EC is targeted for applications such as industrial, medical, and transportation where low power and fanless operation are critical.

The Catalyst EC is a dual-board solution that consists of Eurotech’s powerful Catalyst Module mounted to a high-value carrier board. The Catalyst EC brings the best in performance, graphics, and communication while maintaining low cost and offers comprehensive multimedia capabilities such as Intel® High Definition Audio, audio line IN and OUT, LVDS support, and touchscreen. Also supported are dual Gigabit Ethernet, quad USB 2.0 ports, serial ports, GPIO, and much more. The EPIC carrier board supports connections for a range of wireless options such as Bluetooth, 802.11, and GPS. Extensive memory options include up to 1GB of DDR-2 at 533MHz, Micro-SD socket, and 4-bit SD/MMC socket. The Catalyst EC also supports an IDE/PATA port with on-board mounting for a 2.5” disk drive. Eurotech can architect custom solutions for unique application requirements. The flexible Catalyst EC also offers a range of operating system choices including Windows® CE, XP, Linux, and many more.

Backed by Eurotech’s commitment to delivering the right system at the right cost, the Catalyst EC is an ideal solution for embedded devices looking to couple the power of the Intel Atom processor with the flexibility of the EPIC form factor. Available now, the Catalyst EC is ideal for industrial control, military, and medical applications. Eurotech offers comprehensive development systems for the Catalyst EC with a choice of operating system, full range of I/O and connectors, as well as full technical support.

Catalyst EC Features and Benefits:

  • Dual board in industry standard EPIC form factor with Eurotech Catalyst Module mounted on high-value carrier board, backed by Eurotech’s flexible business model
  • Based on Intel Atom processor at up to 1.6GHz processor speed and Intel SCH US15W with integrated graphics and multimedia capabilities
  • Wireless support including GPS, Bluetooth, and 802.11
  • Comprehensive range of operating systems including Windows XP, XP Embedded, CE 6.0, Vista; Linux; and other RTOS
  • Application-ready solutions from the hardware down to the BIOS and driver levels with development systems including touchscreen, backlight inverter and full set of supported features
  • Extensive memory options including up to 1GB of DDR-2 at 533MHz, Micro-SD socket, and 4-bit SD/MMC socket
  • Graphical capabilities include Intel High Definition Audio, audio line IN and OUT, graphics up to LVDS, and 4/5-wire touch screen controller
  • Communications and I/O ports including 4 USB 2.0 ports (1 client capable port), dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, four serial ports, and 16 GPIO
  • One IDE/PATA port with on-board mounting for 2.5” disk drive



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