Real Time Symmetric Multiprocessing for Multicore Embedded Applications

By Ardence, a Citrix Company

Ardence Announces Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) Support for Intel ® multicore processors running Windows Real-time Applications

Ardence, a Citrix Company, announces support for Symmetric Multiprocessor Systems (SMP) in the upcoming release of its market leading real-time Windows extension, RTX. With the release of version 9.0, multiple processors can be configured for real-time activities. RTSS threads can be assigned to run on specific processors and they can run concurrently, providing significant benefits, including:

  • Performance boost – Multiple processors dedicated to critical, real-time tasks. Up to seven real-time threads may concurrently run on an eight-processor system.
  • Performance scalability – Performance scaling that doesn’t require code rewrites. Real-time and non realtime performance balance is adjustable by changing the number of RTSS processors and Windows processors.
  • High availability – Critical tasks can be scheduled to run on more than one RTSS processor.
  • IRQ Affinity – Users can specify a dedicated RTSS processor for processing the I/O of individual pieces of hardware.
  • System fault handling – Real-time tasks survive over system crashes and blue screen events.

In the RTX environment, users may configure the quantity of processors dedicated to Windows and how many are dedicated to the Real-Time Subsystem (RTSS). RTX 9.0 supports systems that have as many as eight processors in this initial release; seven of which can be assigned to support RTSS processes.RTX 9.0 will be generally available in Q3 2008, and is currently in Beta.


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