INtime RTOS for Windows on Multi-Core Provides Hard Real-Time Determinism

By Paul Fischer, TenAsys Corp.

Virtualization Experts in Real-Time Technology

TenAsys® real-time virtual machine technology eliminates redundant hardware by combining multiple hardware platforms into one. Our INtime® RTOS for Windows enables a single embedded PC platform to simultaneously support Microsoft® Windows® and the INtime RTOS, sharing CPU, memory, and I/O resources.

Hosting Windows and an RTOS on a single hardware platform reduces system costs and minimizes engineering development time and effort.


Multi-Core Enhancements

Multi-core processors further enhance the INtime RTOS for Windows solution by minimizing competition for key resources. TenAsys virtualization technology can dedicate one processor core to the INtime RTOS, resulting in worst-case interrupt latencies of less than 3 microseconds.

Contention for key CPU resources such as pipelines, cache, and FPU are eliminated on multi-core platforms. Coordination between virtual machines uses built-in inter-processor communication mechanisms, eliminating context switch delays.

The Best Solution for Adding Hard Real-time Performance to Windows

The INtime RTOS for Microsoft Windows is the only fully-protected, virtual-machine solution available for building hard real-time applications that run concurrently with the Windows operating system on a shared hardware platform.

Combining robust industrial-grade control with enterprise-rich Windows functionality lets applications take full advantage of every Windows feature and thousands of off-the-shelf applications, without sacrificing real-time determinism. INtime applications can be deployed on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows XP Embedded systems.

Field-proven Real-time Technology

Based on over 25 years of reliable field-proven technology, TenAsys’ real-time operating systems have been utilized in thousands of applications worldwide, running millions of flawless execution hours. The INtime solution includes a full complement of inter-process communication and synchronization mechanisms to satisfy the needs of the most demanding applications.

Familiar Development Environment

INtime applications can be edited, compiled, and debugged using Microsoft Visual Studio, the same tools that are used to build standard Windows applications. There are no new development tools to master, saving time and making systems easier to develop and maintain.

Consolidation Reduces Cost and Increases Performance

The net gains from the application of INtime RTOS technology on Intel multi-core processor platforms are: the elimination of redundant hardware; faster communication and coordination between RTOS and Windows applications; improved reliability and robustness; and simplified development and debugging. Systems that previously required multiple discrete computing platforms can now be combined onto a single hardware platform, saving costs in design, manufacturing, and maintenance.



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