VULCAN PC/104 Intel XScale® Technology-based Single Board Computer

By by Arcom

The VULCAN delivers secure full speed multiple network processing in a single low power PC/104 single board computer. The VULCAN has a 533MHz Intel® IXP425 network processor comprising an Intel XScale® processor with additional Network Processor Engines (NPEs). The functions of the IXP425 network processor include two high speed Ethernet MACs, hardware accelerated cryptography, two high speed serial ports, a local PCI interface and DMA controller. The VULCAN contributes two further serial ports and four USB 2.0 ports.

The VULCAN can maintain a true `line rate' of 100Mbps on both Ethernet channels simultaneously. It also provides hardware accelerated encryption and authentication which gives enhanced security without loss of Ethernet communications speed.

As well as providing communications security through the encryption function, the VULCAN is physically well protected in remote environments or where shock, vibration, rough or malicious handling can occur. It has 64Mbytes of soldered RAM and a Tamper Detect switch input for detecting enclosure intrusion. It also has a Dallas DS2401 Silicon Serial Number device. Watchdog timers can generate board resets on timeout. The onboard Dallas DS1302 real time clock has SuperCap™ back up that lasts for 5 days. An external battery can be used if a longer backup period is required.

Up to 32Mbytes of AMD MirrorBit® FLASH is supported, as well as 256Kbytes of battery backed SRAM using an external battery. A Type ll CompactFlash (CF+) slot accepts memory, WiFi, wireless cell modems or Bluetooth cards with hot swap support. Serial communications are handled by three RS232 ports and one RS422/485 port.

The VULCAN's controller function is enhanced by 8 buffered
digital inputs and 8 buffered digital outputs which are +5V tolerant. The PC/104 bus expansion connector is ideal for connecting the VULCAN to a custom I/O baseboard or adding off-the-shelf PC/104 modules. The operating temperature specification covers both commercial and industrial (-40°C to +85°C) environments. The VULCAN also includes power management control allowing the power consumption of 3.5W to be reduced to 1.5W.

The VULCAN is supported with a ready-to-run development kit for embedded Linux based on the v2.6 kernel release. Arcom uses RedBoot firmware as a bootloader.

The Intel IXP425 network processor provides full speed multiple network performance and high connectivity. The VULCAN PC/104 board takes this into demanding environments reliably and at low cost because of its security features, soldered RAM, solid state disk, low power requirement, extended temperature operation and Linux support.

Applications for VULCAN include industrial and embedded routers and gateways, wireless access points, security devices, protocol converters, video and voice over IP, broadband communications, industrial control and networked imaging systems.

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