6WINDGate Multicore Packet Processing Software


Compatible Architectures: Cavium OCTEON/OCETON-II, Freescale QorIQ, Intel® x86, NetLogic XLR/XLS/XLP, Tilera TilePro64

6WINDGate™ is the Gold Standard in packet processing software for networking equipment, wireless infrastructure, security appliances and data centers. It provides up to 10x the packet processing performance of a standard networking stack, significantly improving the price-performance and power-performance ratios of networking equipment.

6WINDGate is compatible with standard Operating System APIs (e.g. Netfilter, Netlink etc). This ensures that clients can migrate either from a single-core to a multicore platform, or from one multicore platform to another, without needing to rewrite their existing software. Clients minimize the development time for their base multicore software platform, focusing on their unique product differentiation and accelerating their time-to-market.

With a full set of Layer 2 through Layer 4 protocols for routing, switching, security and mobility, optimized for multicore systems, 6WINDGate is a drop-in replacement for standard networking stacks. The majority of packets are processed in a fast path environment, executing outside the operating system for optimum performance. Available protocols include:

  • VLAN, link aggregation, GRE, PPP, L2TP, GTP, MPLS;
  • IP forwarding, IP tunneling, routing and virtual routing, IP Multicast, Mobile IP;
  • IPsec, IKE, firewall, NAT, QoS;
  • UDP, TCP, SCTP, flow inspection, TCP termination
  • High Availability support;
  • XML-based management, CLI, web management.

6WINDGate supports multicore processors from Cavium, Freescale, Intel, NetLogic and Tilera.

Features & Benefits

  • 6WINDGate is fully compatible with standard OS APIs, so you can migrate your application software from a single-core to multicore platform, or between different multicore platforms, without needing to re-write or re-verify your code.
  • 6WINDGate includes 40+ networking protocols, optimized for multicore platforms, eliminating the need for you to integrate software from multiple suppliers and accelerating your time-to-market, while reducing your schedule risk.
  • By providing support for a wide range of industry-leading multicore processors, the 6WINDGate software enables you to leverage a single, optimized software platform across your product portfolio based on multiple CPU architectures.
  • 6WINDGate provides full support for High-Availability frameworks and industry-standard HA configurations, enabling the development of mission-critical equipment with requirements for five-nines or zero-downtime reliability.
  • By delivering up to 10x the networking performance of a standard OS stack, 6WINDGate enables you to meet or exceed the most demanding system performance requirements for next-generation networking, telecom and security equipment.

Technical Specs

  • Optimized support for Cavium OCTEON/OCTEON-II, Freescale QorIQ, Intel® x86, NetLogic XLR/XLS/XLP and Tilera TilePro64
  • Full support for Linux distributions from the open-source community, from commercial suppliers and from multicore processor vendors.
  • Comprehensive set of protocols available for control plane, networking stack and fast path environments.

Application Areas
Telecom infrastructure, networking equipment, security appliances, data centers.

Available now.

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