RadiSys Core Duo COM Express

By Jennifer Zickel, RadiSys Corporation

RadiSys is helping customers take the next leap in microprocessor architecture with the new Intel Core Duo processors. Intel Core Duo processors include two cores in a single processor that enable lower power and higher performance and responsiveness than thought possible with past processor generations.

The RadiSys Procelerant CE945GM is the first generation COM Express product to fully utilize the Intel Core Duo Processor. COM Express applications such as medical imaging, test and measurement, gaming, entertainment and industrial automation demand low power platforms with high feature performance. Battery life, small spaces with limited air-flow, and cooling fan noise are a critical component of embedded COM Express applications. RadiSys provides expertise in the thermal engineering, while Intel incorporates thermal reduction features into these dual-core processors, making for a thermally optimized platform.

The Intel Core Duo processor can operate at very low voltages and uses techniques to minimize clock and signal switching, resulting in lower power dissipation in the active state. The processor can enable the chipset to power down with the processor in low-frequency modes to further reduce dissipation. Additional features include Dynamic Power coordination, which enables individual cores to dynamically transition to Halt, Stop Clock and Deep Sleep power management states and Advanced Thermal Manager, which includes a new digital temperature sensor and thermal monitor on each individual core located close to the hot spots for enhance accuracy at higher temperatures to enable precise fan control. The additional power management features enabled in the Intel Core Duo processor are brought to life by the RadiSys COM Express CE945GM product.

The Intel Core Duo Processor on a CE945GM COM Express module brings breakthrough performance to processor intensive data crunching applications such as imaging and gaming. The two mobile optimized cores enable parallel threads or application to be executed on separate cores with dedicated CPU resources to enable multiple demanding applications simultaneously. The Intel Core Duo processor features a shared 2MB level-2 cache that enables dynamic cache allocation across both cores to enhance performance and reduce under utilization. Advanced Branch Prediction predicts the most optimal algorithm to use, significantly reducing the number of mi-predicted branches and in turn, increases performance. The RadiSys CE945GM module increases the performance capacity of the Intel Core Duo processor in the smallest size (95 x 125mm) module by adding the key feature of dual channel memory. The dual channel memory prevents a bottle-neck from occurring as the dual cores access. Using single channel memory can slow board level performance from 13%-67% depending on the application.

Using a dual core COM Express module can ease the design complexity and development time associate with a high speed, complex processor design by splitting the CPU design from IO design. The COM Express module is used as a macro component and enables developers to focus on designing application specific IO, software, and differentiating the user interface. This modular concept is gaining in popularity as keeping up with the processor generation design can demand resources that take away from the greater value of an application. COM Express ensures future generation upgrades with a performance path that contains new embedded Intel Core Duo processors as soon as they are released. Increase time to market and include performance improvements in any low power, high performance application with the RadiSys COM Express product line, and start with the Intel Core Duo processor-based COM Express module, the CE945GM.

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