Advantech's Module I/O: the Best Solution for Embedded Expansion Bus

By Advantech

As PC/104 and PC/104+ show increasing signs of becoming a legacy, a new expansion bus is needed to meet the growing demand for high-speed expansion buses. Moreover, system designs now require more and more peripherals, which has added to the complexity of choosing the right board for embedded applications. All in all, the embedded market needs an internal system expansion bus, so that it is flexible enough to provide extra features.

New Ssolution for Eembedded Expansion Bus
Advantech's Module I/O-160 (MIO-160) is an open-pin definition that was based on the concept of reducing system design and integration issues. In contrast with PC/104 systems, the Module I/O expansion bus eliminates the need for cables by stacking onto the baseboard using the MIO-160 connector. This enables the baseboard to add some extra standard external connectors, such as RJ45 for LAN. Advantech's Module I/O-160 defines the latest bus technologies, such as PCI Express. At the same time, it also supports PC/104 and PC/104+ interfaces. The standard interfaces and buses include: USB, SMBus, LPC, PCI and PCI-Express x4. The PCI Express and a graphic display dependence signal, (i.e., Intel SDVO), both essential new interfaces are defined for external expansion. The Advantech MIO-160 expansion bus can be fit to any size within the boundary of the 3.5'' biscuit board, which is distinct from PC/104 or PC/104+. Moreover, it is possible to integrate the MIO-160 interface with other baseboards from the PCM-9300 Module I/O series or other customer-specific baseboards; thus, it is possible to adapt it to the demands of many applications.

Shortcut to Ssuccessful Vertical System Design
Advantech's open-definition MIO-160 is geared to help make project design implementation efficient and practical. For example, the MIO-160 embedded bus has only 8 mm of spacing, which brings system integrators the opportunity to build a small, higher density system. Moreover, since no cables are necessary in a two board solution, the system is more reliable and economical to manufacture than the PC/104 systems. Moreover, it supplies project builders with an exceptionally tough and shock-resistant solution. Since a series of interfaces are already implemented on the baseboard, more room is allowed for implementing nearly all the other necessary interfaces. To accommodate the baseboard heatsink, the Module I/O add-on board was designed into an L-shaped PCB board. As one can easily see, the MIO-160 is a highly flexible, stable system design: it greatly cuts down on the time and effort needed to finish a project.

Module I/O with Intel® Platform
To develop vertical markets even further, the MIO-160 uses the baseboard from Advantech's PCM-9300 series. The selection includes Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Celeron� M processor 600 MHz to Low Voltage Intel® Pentium� M processor 1.1 GHz up to Low Voltage Intel® Pentium� M processor 2.0 GHz. Already, Advantech has implemented successful application cases around the world. For example, PCM-9380 and MIO-260 were used to construct a system to detect cars speeding in traffic. PCM-9380 is perfect for quick image processing because it is built around the powerful 2GHz low power Intel� Pentium� M processor, and it uses the Intel� 855GME chipset and Intel� IC4H I/O controller hub, which deliver 400 MHz Front Side Bus speeds and an optimized integrated graphics solution with a 32-bit, 3D core. Although rich in features, PCM-9380 still needs extra USB ports to connect to cameras and sensors. Hence, MIO-260 was quickly added on to complete the system in no time.

More with Advantech MIO-160
Advantech's Module I/O is the most viable choice for satisfying today's demanding embedded market. MIO-160 is an open-source technology that Advantech offers to the industry so hardware developers are free to obtain suitable design guides for your DIY projects. Moreover, the support offered by MIO-160 includes both standard product integration plus the added support of Advantech's Design To Order Services (DTOS) which meets all your customization needs.

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