Sophia Systems’ Sandgate II Reference Platforms

Sophia Systems’ Sandgate II reference platforms support the Intel® PXA270 processor and enable engineers to greatly reduce the overall system development. With the reference BSP source, schematics, and parts list included, Sophia’s Sandgate II series meets the specific development requirements of handheld devices based on Intel XScale® technology. In addition the expansion bus allows developers access to all CPU signals making customization simple.

(1) WiFi VoIP Video Phone: Sandgate II-P (NEW)

Sophia Systems is pleased to offer the first WiFi VoIP reference design based on the Intel PXA270 processor available to the market. The Sandgate II-P is an ideal reference solution for developers of advanced portable devices and includes all the peripherals necessary for the development of WiFi VoIP designs.

The Sandgate II-P reference platform is made up of three basic parts: (1) a form factor VoIP cellular phone; (2) a debug board that directly connects to the phone allowing debugging via JTAG, Serial or LAN; and (3) an optional monitor/keyboard that makes application development/evaluation easy and convenient.

More info: www.sophia.com/B/HW/SG2P.html

(2) Multimedia Device Platform: Sandgate II-G

The Sandgate II-G reference design incorporates both the Intel PXA270 processor and the Intel® 2700G multimedia accelerator, making it a perfect enabling kit for handheld multimedia devices requiring high quality 2D and 3D graphics.

The Sandgate II-G includes both Windows® CE 5.0 and Linux reference BSPs, ample memory, audio, video, SD/CF/SIM/Memory stick sockets, USB/LAN/Serial/JTAG/IrDA ports, IDE, touch panel VGA LCD and expansion connector (DAC) for dual display and so much more… all in one compact design.

More info: www.sophia.com/B/HW/SG2G.html

(3) General Purpose Handheld Platform: Sandgate II

The Sandgate II is a perfect enabling platform for general purpose handheld devices such as POS, vending/voting, GPS devices, etc… With a lower price point, the Sandgate II has the same compact design and great features of the Sandgate II-G board with the following hardware modifications: no VGA output, USB2.0/IDE, or Intel 2700G multimedia accelerator.

More info: www.sophia.com/B/HW/SG2.html

The Sophia Advantage:

What differentiates Sophia Systems is our complete development tools story. Not only do we offer various Sandgate platforms, we also provide all the necessary tools that enable developers to start their own designs based on Intel XScale technology. Our core business over the last 30 years has been designing and supporting Full In-Circuit Emulators (ICE), JTAG emulators and software debuggers.

The most powerful and cost effective debug support comes from Sophia’s EJ-Debug JTAG emulator which offers high speed downloads to Flash, on-chip debugging via our Watchpoint® debugger, and various 3rd party tools support (including interfaces to the Intel® C++ Software Development Tool Suite for OS-Independent systems, Microsoft® Platform Builder™ for WinCE developers, and CodeWarrior for Symbian OS™).

What differentiates Sophia from the competition is our focus to provide complete development solutions.

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