Digital Convergence in the Mobile and Embedded Space

The birth of a converging digital economy has been a key topic for nearly two decades. The beginning of 2005 has marked the arrival of digital convergence, making it increasingly difficult for technology products to remain in their traditionally defined spheres. Digital convergence transcends the traditional categories of voice and data. It integrates words and information in new ways that allow them to offer new opportunities in business, content, intelligence and services-cost effectively and profitably. Digital convergence is changing the mobile and embedded space. Digital convergence marks the beginning of accelerating change for the entertainment, telecom, consumer electronics and computer industries worldwide.

Intrinsyc Software is a key mobile and embedded technology provider to many of the major corporations in these converging sectors. Intrinsyc Software enables companies to better define and quickly create innovative solutions that ensure that they can work on exciting new convergence business models and cover both consumer and business applications. Intrinsyc Software’s unique software, hardware, and licensable technologies enable technology professionals to create, network and manage specialized, intelligent embedded devices and applications. Intrinsyc Software’s professional engineering services and solutions enable companies to reduce cost, risk and time-to-market allowing them to deliver winning mobile and embedded devices.

Intrinsyc Software’s Mobile and Embedded Reference Designs

Intrinsyc Software’s CerfPod 270M Developer’s Kit is a Mobile and Embedded Reference Design that can be customized to meet exact project requirements or used off-the-shelf for rapid deployment.

Intrinsyc Software’s Cerf™Pod 270M was designed in collaboration with Intel, and is a full-featured, flexible platform. The CerfPod 270M is an ideal starting point for next generation, mobile, wireless device or embedded solutions. Its superb multimedia capabilities (full VGA support with video and 3D graphics acceleration), connection options and board support package make it a comprehensive reference platform for creating next generation high-end mobile, wireless or embedded solutions. This multi-function high performance platform is ideal for developing:

  • Gaming devices
  • Kiosk implementations
  • Medical and measurement devices
  • Enterprise handheld devices
  • Video conferencing applications
  • Web tablet devices

The CerfPod 270M is based on the newest Intel XScale® technology-based processor, the Intel® PXA270 processor, and the Intel® 2700G Multimedia Accelerator. Microsoft® Windows® CE version 5.0 is supported out of the box. It includes a high contrast 256K color 640x480 10.4” touch screen LCD display and a fully accessible printed circuit board with 128MB SDRAM and 64MB of StrataFlash® memory. Its circuit board provides access to a host of input and output connectors including; CompactFlash®, Secure Digital™ / MultiMedia Card, USB Host, USB Client, 3 RS232 serial, 10 Base-T Ethernet, GPIO, VGA, JTAG connectors, and an expansion connector for add-on circuit boards. The CerfPod 270M board is also Bluetooth and IrDA ready.