Primarion Announces Digital, Multi-Phase Controller to Power Intel VR11.1 Based Processors

PX3560 delivers more than 90 percent efficiency; full VR11.1 compliance with only 800uF MLCC solution.

TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Primarion, an Infineon Technologies (FSE: IFX)(NYSE: IFX) subsidiary and a mixed-signal semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and markets digital power integrated circuits (ICs), today introduced its PX3560, a digital multi-phase controller for VR11.1 core power regulation for the server and storage markets.

Taking Power Efficiency to new Heights
With autonomous phase dropping features that provide high efficiency across the entire operating range, Primarion’s Power On Demand PX3560 addresses key industry and regulatory initiatives to cut energy usage in computing and data storage markets.

Fully Compliant with Intel VR11.1 Specifications
The PX3560 features a power state indicator (PSI) mode, which provides high efficiency at light loads with its dynamic phase dropping capability, as well as an output pin (IMON) for current monitoring. Unlike competing analog solutions, the PX3560 allows the system to shed any number of phases based on the average current defined by the user to optimize the efficiency across the entire operating range. Phases dropped at lighter loads increase efficiency by several percentage points and significantly reduce the cost of energy usage over the life of the product. The controller optimizes the loop compensation based on the number of active phases to provide a stable system operation. The second generation of its proprietary active transient response (ATR2) technology enables the systems to meet stringent transient requirements, while requiring only 800uF MLCC output capacitors for VR11.1 compliance.

Multi-Phase Controller for Power Conversion
With up to six phases, each capable of 1 MHz operation, the PX3560 can be used to build DC-DC converters, which provide up to 200A with excellent efficiency across the entire operating range. Interleaved timing of the channels results in a higher ripple frequency, minimizing input and output voltage ripple. The PX3560 incorporates an industry standard I2C compliant serial interface and on-chip non-volatile memory (NVM) for real-time system control. This allows the power supply designer to quickly optimize designs and monitor system performance. Upon startup, superior load line accuracy is achieved through internal calibration that measures and corrects current sense errors.

“Light load efficiency has become a key industry driver in the computing market,” said Deepak Savadatti, vice president of marketing at Primarion. “With its autonomous phase shedding capabilities, the PX3560 provides high-efficiency not only at light load, but across the entire operating range. The loop compensation is optimized on the fly during the PSI mode to provide a stable operation, while responding to large transients. With the announcement of this product, we are meeting the challenging power delivery needs of today’s and tomorrow’s computing platforms.”

“Improvement in energy efficiency through smart power management is going to be critical for future computing and data storage applications both from cost and environmental impact perspectives,” says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Amit Dixit. “This industry commitment is reflected in participation of leading component and system manufacturers in groups such as the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.”

Primarion’s Graphical User Interface Simplifies Design Process
The PX3560 is supported with an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The new and improved GUI takes the designer step-by-step through the process of debugging and modifying the power system design. The ease with which the GUI can be used to intelligently manage the design process contributes to reducing the final product’s time to market.

One-Stop Shop for Digital Power Management
Primarion is leading the industry to address smart power needs of CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, FPGAs and memory within the computing, graphics, and datacom markets.

Through continuous innovation in technology, and with its broad product portfolio, Primarion continues to drive mass adoption of digital power management by providing power supply designers with easy-to-use products that improve the efficiency, stability and flexibility of the systems they are building.

Summary of Features:
-- Compliant to Intel VR 11.1 specifications
-- Power state indicator (PSI) mode for improved efficiency at light load operation
-- Current monitor (IMON)
-- Multiphase power conversion
-- 1- to 6-phase operation
-- Proprietary active transient response (ATR2) enables systems to meet transient requirements with only 800uF MLCC output capacitance
-- 100 kHz to 1 MHz switching frequency
-- Internal, non-volatile memory (NVM) to store custom configurations
-- Internal high precision voltage reference
-- +/-10mV set-point accuracy
-- Extensive fault detection capability (3 user configurable fault pins)
-- Input under-voltage
-- Output under/over-voltage
-- Total output current
-- Peak phase current pulse limiting
-- Multiple internal and external temperature limits
-- Open voltage sense
-- NVM configuration
-- Calibration range and time-out
-- Precise current sense calibration
-- Precise current balancing with programmable offsets for thermal balancing
-- Digitally programmable load line and loop compensation
-- Differential voltage sense
-- Temperature sensor compensation
-- Configurable latched fault or autonomous recovery shutdown
-- Single +3.3V supply operation
-- RoHS-compliant, 48-lead MLF plastic package

Already sampling with customers, Primarion’s PX3560 is now available to general market. The PX3560 is available in a RoHS-compliant, 7mm-x-7mm 48-lead QFN package. More information about the PX3560 is available by contacting Primarion at (866) 321-7746, or by visiting the company’s Web site at http://www.primarion.com.

About Primarion:
Primarion, an Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX) subsidiary is a mixed-signal integrated circuit company that addresses key inflection points in power conversion and power management driven by the exploding demand for digital content and information. Primarion’s Digital Power ICs are positioned to beat traditional analog power ICs in cost per amp, performance and features with advantages that grow with each new processor generation. Headquartered in Torrance near Los Angeles, California (USA), the company also has an Asian regional office in Taipei, Taiwan. Additional information is available online at http://www.primarion.com.