Kontron debuts portfolio of AdvancedMC Intelligent IO modules based on next-generation Cavium Networks OCTEON™ Plus CN56xx multi-core packet processors

New Kontron AM42xx AdvancedMC series enables a proliferation of potential “NEP-Ready” Kontron platforms dedicated to load-balancing, secure DPI, content-aware and QoS over Ethernet applications

Kontron, a leading global provider of standard-based and custom embedded and communications solutions, debuted its family of AdvancedMC packet processing modules optimized for layer 4 to layer 7 data and security processing, targeting network equipment providers who design 3G/4G BTS, RNC, xGSN and Media Gateways. The Kontron AM42xx series of AdvancedMC Intelligent IO modules are designed with the Cavium Networks OCTEON Plus CN56xx packet processors with 12 64bit MIPS cores with up to 14.4 Billion MIPS64 instructions per second (14.4 GOPS). They are the first to be designed with high-density, high-bandwidth serial IO technology compared with legacy parallel IO technology.

What emerges is a much more cost-effective AdvancedMC module design that ensures manufacturers a competitive advantage in taking next-generation equipment to market.

“This is incredibly significant for Kontron,” said Marc Leclaire, Kontron AdvancedTCA-AdvancedMC product manager. “The new Kontron AdvancedMC NPU modules are one of the first with the CN56xx multi-core processors with GbE and 10GbE support, completely diversifying both our AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA integrated platform portfolio. They will help our clients build a broader range of dedicated security, load-balancing, and content- or application-aware processing applications. The choice of the OCTEON Plus CN56xx series of Cavium Networks packet processors is a perfect fit for designing a complete and highly versatile AdvancedMC module that is both cost-effective and more advanced than other competing products.”

Kontron is offering two modules – AM4204 with 4x 1GbE ports to the front and software configurable Interfaces to the Fabric side (PCIe, 4x 1GbE or XAUI); and the AM4220 with 2x 10GbE to the front and PCIe to the fabric side.

“Working with a leading AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA vendor such as Kontron enables Cavium Networks to be part of an ever-growing COTS marketplace that is meeting the customer challenges for exceptional performance within restrictive power and space environments,” said Tasha Castańeda, Senior Strategic Alliance Manager at Cavium Networks. “Combining the high-density, high-bandwidth OCTEON Plus multi-core processors with Kontron’s expertise in the AdvancedMC module technology will provide clients a wealth of pre-integrated platform designs.”

As carriers grow their networks to keep pace with more subscribers relying on bandwidth intensive applications, there is equally a significant investment in network security on a worldwide scale. The demand for deep packet inspection and other application- or content-aware applications will intensify exponentially.

The introduction of the Kontron AM42xx series of AdvancedMC GbE/10GbE Intelligent IO modules is a major milestone in the Kontron AdvancedTCA 10GbE portfolio. An exciting number of new design opportunities unfold when the Kontron AM42xx AdvancedMCs are, for example, integrated with a Kontron AT8904 AdvancedTCA 10GbE switch. They provide exceptional added functionality such as load balancing for Web Server, SIP Server, SSL Offload, and content- or application-aware processing applications. Likewise, they can support QoS over Ethernet for IPTV, video on demand and other broadband media services. When integrated with a general purpose AdvancedTCA processor node, like the Kontron AT8020, the Intelligent IO module also provides added functionality for wireless and wireline security packet inspection applications. In either case, NEP clients achieve the highest density platform design by not losing an AdvancedTCA slot for the aforementioned applications.

The versatility of these Intelligent IO modules even extends to communication applications in the defense market. The Kontron AM42xx features a memory protection functionality, which makes it possible to HW write protect all onboard Non-Volatile memories.

Product Pricing and Availability Kontron AM42xx AdvancedMC Intelligent IO Modules – RoHS compliant Pricing: OEM pricing upon request Availability: Q3, 08.

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