3Leaf Systems Licenses Intel Processor Technology to Deliver Next-Generation Virtualization Solutions for the x86 Market Place

3Leaf’s integration of Intel QuickPath Interconnect enables a fully virtualized data center that allocates server resources on demand.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--3Leaf Systems (www.3leafsystems.com), a provider of next-generation virtualization solutions for enterprise data centers, today announced that Intel Corporation (Nasdaq:INTC) has granted the company with a license to the Intel QuickPath Interconnect. 3Leaf will use Intel QuickPath Technology to enable advanced virtualization solutions for the growing x86 server market. The Intel QuickPath Interconnect license allows 3Leaf to support servers in a fully virtualized data center that allocates server resources on demand. The license is a major milestone in 3Leaf’s strategy to enable the “Dynamic Data Center,” allowing businesses to quickly and efficiently allocate resources on demand to meet business needs while at the same time significantly reducing costs.

“Being granted a license for the Intel QuickPath Interconnect is a vote of confidence in 3Leaf’s approach to virtualization, and it underscores the market potential for 3Leaf in the server virtualization space,” said Bob Quinn, chairman, founder and CTO of 3Leaf Systems. “Intel QuickPath Technology, which has very low latency and very high bandwidth, is the ideal connection point for our virtualization NIC. With Intel QuickPath Interconnect support, 3Leaf expands its coherent network to include servers running on Intel processors, giving us 100 percent coverage of the x86 server market.”

3Leaf Systems is at the forefront of migrating businesses from traditional data center operations to fully virtualized environments. 3Leaf Systems’ next-generation virtualization technology delivers flexibility and mainframe-class scalability to commodity servers while optimizing data center resources and dramatically reducing costs.

3Leaf’s technology is unique in that it delivers a complete enterprise solution that fully virtualizes the CPU, memory, and I/O resources within the data center. This scalable, flexible, and dynamic data center infrastructure enables allocation of all server resources on demand, moving them in a just-in-time fashion to and from the applications, thereby maximizing resource usage and minimizing power consumption. This vastly simplifies management and allows businesses to successfully manage and respond to spikes in utilization. As a result, data center infrastructure is more agile and flexible, and operational and capital costs are dramatically reduced.

“The Intel QuickPath Interconnect allows the industry to provide significantly increased performance to Intel-based servers,” said Lorie Wigle, director of technology marketing, Intel Corporation. “As one of the leading vendors in delivering virtualization solutions, 3Leaf’s licensing of Intel QuickPath Technology reinforces our push to make Intel architecture the industry's platform of innovation. The building blocks are now in place for dynamic data centers that combine resource efficiency with mainframe-class availability and reliability.”

About 3Leaf Systems
3Leaf Systems provides next-generation server virtualization solutions to support both scale-up and scale-out virtual servers in enterprise data centers. 3Leaf technology simplifies operations by increasing the utilization and availability of large-scale data center resources. A privately held company based in Santa Clara, California, 3Leaf Systems investors include Alloy Ventures, Enterprise Partners, Intel Capital, and Storm Ventures. For more information, visit www.3leafsystems.com or call 408-572-5900.