ACROSSER Technology Proudly Presents the AR-B5020 / AR-B5020D, PC/104+ CPU board.

Fulfills most applications for industrial control systems, vending machines, test equipment, and data processing systems.

ACROSSER Technology proudly presents the AR-B5020 / AR-B5020D, PC/104+ CPU board. Utilizing Intel’s ULV Celeron M 600MHz / 512KB L2 cache, it is an efficient CPU module in the PC/104+ form factor. It can fulfill most applications for industrial control systems, vending machines, test equipment, and data processing systems.

A smaller and smaller space requirement is one important trend emerging in embedded applications. Therefore the PC/104 CPU module is a very good option. The AR-B5020 also follows the board standard dimension of PC/104 which will not interfere with your system’s existing design. This is a very important feature since stacking boards is the core value of 104 boards. To create a balance between limited space and versatile functions, we separate it into two boards, AR-B5020 and AR-B5020D.

AR-B5020 contains the key components of the system. The I/O on this board include CPU, Northbridge, Southbridge, Memory socket, IDE, VGA, LVDS, 2 x USB 2.0 pin head, 2 x COM ports. It can operate alone with these general functions. The AR-B5020D provides expansions like PC/104 Plus, CF socket, two more USB 2.0 pin headers and two COM ports.

Regarding the connection between AR-B5020 and AR-B5020D, we utilize the high density ETX connector made by Hirose. Also 4 copper stand-offs are used to provide a solid connection between these two boards.

For the ISA PC/104, we utilize a PCI to ISA bridge ‘’IT8888’’ designed by ITE, a very well known IC designer in Taiwan. It provides the best compatibility for PCI to ISA functionality with the Intel ICH4.

An additional highlight to the AR-B5020 is the Ultra Low Voltage onboard CPU Celeron M 600MHz / 512KB L2 Cache. The thermal design power of this CPU is only 7W. It can be integrated into your fanless system easily.

Lastly, AR-B5020 and AR-B5020D are the best combination for those who are searching for PC/104+ now. Of course you can simply buy the AR-B5020 itself if you do not require the expansion. We provide flexibility in order for you to fulfill different requirements. Acrosser understands the needs of its customers, which is why we made the AR-B5020 and AR-B5020D specifically for you.

AR-B5020 / AR-B5020D features:

Intel 852GM chipset with onboard Celeron M 600MHz / 512KB cache for Fanless design
One SO-DIMM socket support DDR 266/200 MHz
VGA / Dual Channel 18 bit LVDS support dual independent display
Standard PC/104 board dimension
Complete I/O Support:
* 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x COM ports (RS-232)
* 1 x 10/100 Ethernet
* 1 x IDE(44pin)
* 1 x 8 bit GPIO
* 1 x KB/MS PS/2
* PC/104
* PCI-104
* 1 x CF socket(support UDMA)
* 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x COM ports(RS-232)

AR-B5020 and AR-B5020D are available now. For more information, please contact ACROSSER Technology, ACROSSER USA, and ACROSSER worldwide resellers in your local area.