Kontron’s First Cost-Optimized Industrial MicroTCA Integrated Platform

Kontron OM6062 offers cost benefit of over 30% per AdvancedMC slot.

Eching/Nuremberg, Germany, February 26, 2008 − Today, at Embedded World (Hall 12 / Booth 404), Kontron introduced the Kontron OM6062, a double-width industrial MicroTCA integrated platform that supports up to six AdvancedMC modules. This is Kontron’s latest open modular solution; ideal for applications that demand processing power, high throughput and low latency. Target applications include, but are not limited to, image processing, motion control and process control in the industrial and medical markets.

The Kontron OM6062 is a cost optimized AdvancedMC platform, which supports any standard compliant AdvancedMC. But in comparison to conventional MicroTCA platforms, the Kontron OM6062 achieves significant cost improvements by a simplified design. This streamlined design includes: the mechanical concept (no redundancy, cube design facilitates cooling), pluggable Power Supply Units instead of MicroTCA Power Modules, Power Management and Fan Control on the backplane. The double-width form factor provides more PCB space and front panel space for a complete CPU including graphics and HDD on a single AdvancedMC.

If Ethernet switching is not needed, the Kontron OM6062 AdvancedMC platform operates without an MCH. In this configuration, the backplane provides management, PCIe clocks, and direct x1 PCIe lane from Processor AdvancedMC to four AdvancedMC slots.

The backplane provides 2x GbE lanes from the MCH to 6 AMC slots and thus allows the implementation of multiple processor AdvancedMCs or intelligent I/O cards which communicate over Ethernet. The Kontron OM6062 supports mid-size AdvancedMCs with single-width and double-width form factor. All AdvancedMCs are hot swappable.

The basic Kontron OM6062 configuration contains an AC power supply unit, so no extra AC/DC converters are needed. Also included in the basic configuration is a Kontron AM5010 Processor AdvancedMC with graphics and SATA HDD on board. Additional components such as an MCH or AdvancedMCs are available as options. The Kontron OM6062 AdvancedMC platform ships fully configured and tested, including an operating system installed (Windows, Linux Red Hat or WindRiver, VxWorks).