Fanless Industrial System with Intel ® Atom N2800

Today, Lanner Electronics, is releasing the newest low power consuming, fanlees, industrial PC, the LEC-7050. Utilizing the latest Intel Atom N2800 (1.8GHz), the LEC-7050 is positioned to take over the economical digital signage and other industrial automation tasks. It features a +24V industrial environment DC input and like other Lanner products can be mounted via VESA, DIN-Rail or on a rack.

“Positioning-wise Lanner has wanted to create a product that could succeed the LEC-7020 in price, but have increased power and more features for applications and maintain the small form factor size,” said Eric Chiu, Lanner’s Applied Computing Director. “Besides just the upgrade in the Intel Atom, we have added some features to make the LEC-7050 more attractive to customers while maintain the approximate price point. The appliance now utilizes DDR3 memory, has total Two Mini-PCIe expansion slots. These changes enable the appliance to thrive in industrial settings across many different applications.”

As stated previously, the LEC-7050 is equipped with the Intel Atom N2800. It comes with the Intel NM10 chipset and a SODIMM slot that is capable of using up to 4GB of DDR3 memory. It utilizes an Intel Graphic Media Accelerator for HD graphic output and uses Realtek audio controller. The LEC-7050 comes with both a VGA and DVI-D video output, both of which support HD video.

The LEC-7050 comes with two Mini-PCIe sockets for expansion purposes. Customers can choose Mini-PCIe modules to give the LEC-7050 additional functionality. One Mini-PCIe socket comes with a SIM card reader to allow for 3G or GPS applications. Common combinations of the two sockets include outfitting a WiFi module and a 3G module to ensure that the appliance can always wirelessly communicate to the outside world.

The appliance comes with a CF Type I/II socket and a 2.5” SSD/HDD drive bay. The LEC-7050 is outfitted with the Intel Ethernet controllers to provide high throughput Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth.

The LEC-7050 comes with a higher DC voltage setting at 24 Volts, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into industrial power supplies. With industrial components the temperature range of the appliance ranges between -10o and 55o Celsius.

Other I/O included in the LEC-7050 include: four USB ports, two RS-232/422/485 compatible Serial ports, and a Mic-in/Line-out port for audio.

For more information about this product please visit the Lanner website here: http://www.lannerinc.com/Embedded_Computing/LEC-7050

Or contact a sales representative: sales@lannerinc.com

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