Cavium Adds Support for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ to its Wireless Display Products

Implementation of the New Wireless Display Specification from the Wi-Fi Alliance® on Cavium’s PureVu® CNW6611L Media SoC Enables Enhanced Interoperability, while Maintaining Latency and Quality Differentiation

Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications, and the digital home, today announced its support for the new Wi-Fi Alliance® Wireless Display Specification, branded as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™. Cavium’s support for this specification adds to the list of wireless display and streaming protocols available on its PureVu® CNW6611L media SoC, including WiVu™ and DLNA. Cavium is also collaborating with Intel to offer best-in-class Intel® WiDi based products. The addition of Miracast™ makes Cavium’s universal wireless display adapter solution one of the most flexible in the industry. The new Miracast™ standard enables media content to be transmitted over a Wi-Fi connection, directly from a media source device, such as a notebook or a smartphone, to a sink device for a better viewing experience, without the need for a Wi-Fi access point. For instance, consumers can browse the web, watch movies, or play games on their smartphones, while viewing that content on their large screen HDTV. Cavium’s CNW6611L media SoC and the associated wireless display reference platforms are designed to support Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™, and will pursue that certification when it is available later this year. Live demonstrations of Cavium’s pre-certification implementation are available at Cavium’s suite at the 2012 Computex show in Taipei from June 5th through 9th.

With Miracast™, sharing content across different Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronic devices becomes easier and more reliable. The specification contains strong security provisions, through its use of the latest Wi-Fi Protected Access® (WPA2™) security mechanisms, as well as HDCP content protection for safe delivery of premium content. The underlying Wi-Fi technology allows for a direct, peer-to-peer wireless connection commonly referred to in the industry as Wi-Fi Direct™. This allows for seamless connectivity among various CE devices, without the need for the extra step of authenticating through a Wi-Fi access point. In addition to support for the mandatory and several optional features specified in Miracast™, which primarily focus on compatibility, Cavium’s low latency and high quality implementation includes unique advantages in robust content delivery and interactivity.

"We’re excited to see the progress by Wi-Fi Alliance towards the launch of the Miracast™ certification program," said Kourosh Amiri, Sr. Director of Marketing at Cavium’s Digital Home and Office Division. "As the industry rallies behind the new standard, Cavium’s multi-protocol universal adapter solutions are ideally suited to help drive the adoption of wireless display technologies and the growth of this market."

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