Intel - Micron collaboration wins Insight Award for Semiconductor of the Year

IMFT 20nm MLC NAND Flash recognized for immense innovation in design and manufacture

OTTAWA, April 17, 2012 /PR Newswire/ -- UBM TechInsights, the leader in technology and IP consulting, is pleased to recognize Intel – Micron for their collaboration on the Intel-Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT) 20nm MLC NAND Flash and award them with the Insight Award for the 2011 Semiconductor of the Year.

UBM TechInsights' circuit analysis verified that Intel - Micron's latest Flash component was the first to be manufactured at the 20nm process node. By using high-k dielectric to replace the silicon dioxide, that is traditionally used, Intel-Micron managed to reduce leakage while keeping power consumption low - a must for today's light weight portable electronics.

"The joint venture between Intel-Micron was the first to mass produce a Flash component at the 20nm process node, and address the performance needs of leading device manufacturers," said Joel Martin, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management. "We received a record amount of entries this year for our 10th edition of the Insight Awards, which made determining winners for our categories very difficult. It speaks to the engineering innovation found within Intel-Micron's submission that they were selected as Semiconductor of the Year. Overall, we are quite pleased with the number of companies who chose the Insight Awards as a way of celebrating the work of their component and product designers."

UBM TechInsights has done extensive analysis on Intel-Micron's 20nm MLC NAND Flash; including examination of the device at the package and die levels and analysis of the process technology, memory cell configuration and materials identification.

Since its introduction over a decade ago, the Insight Awards remain as the first industry-recognized program to celebrate engineering design and innovation at the semiconductor level. Winners are chosen independently from a judging panel consisting of senior analysts and engineers to ensure that devices submitted for consideration are evaluated on the merits of their design and technical achievements.

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