Need A Ruggedized COM Express Module? LiPPERT Has The Solution!

LiPPERT’s Toucan-QM57 is a high-end COM Express Type 2 module with an Intel Core i7 processor. The module is specifically built for applications exposed to rugged environments. This is underscored by the integration of the highly rugged RS-DIMM memory module. The memory module is fastened by screws. The raw computation performance of the processor and DDR3 RAM lends itself to image processing, video encoding, communications and other demanding tasks.

The COM Express module offers 4GB of soldered DDR3 ECCC RAM and another 4GB of RAM by way of RS-DIMM card, which optimizes board space and ruggedness. The module also supports the following interfaces:

  • Dual channel LVDS, 2 DisplayPorts
  • Gigabit LAN
  • 8 USB 2.0 host ports
  • 4 SATA ports with RAID support
  • 1 PATA interface
  • Intel HD audio
  • PCI Express: 6 x1 lanes, 1 x16 lane
  • PCI bus
  • LPC, SPI, SMB buses

In addition to the usual LVDS and VGA interfaces, the module multiplexes several useful interfaces as part of the most popular Type 2 pinout – PCIe x16, SDVO and DisplayPort. SDVO can be converted to DVI or LVDS on the carrier board. As an example, having two LCDs is more typical than using two consumer DisplayPort monitors in embedded systems, so it’s no surprise that Type 2 is still the volume leader of the pinout types.

With 1.06 GHz dual-core Core i7-620UE processor, the module operates over -40 to +85 degrees Celsius for military, energy and other outdoor environments. The 2.53 GHz dual-core Core i7-610E processor model is rated to +60 degrees Celsius for avionics, transportation, marine, imaging, communications and some automation applications. Using a suitable, individually designed cooling solution, this model can also operate at up to +85 degrees Celsius.

For these applications, additional embedded features add to the rugged reliability. LiPPERT Enhanced Management Technology (LEMT) provides valuable condition monitoring and supervision capabilities with a convenient API for popular operating systems, including counters for cumulative operating minutes, power cycles, extended duration watchdog, and the time since the last power-on. In addition, there is a flag for the reason for a system restart (normal shutdown, watchdog, power loss, system crash), 1024 bytes of Flash memory for system manufacturers’ use, 128 bit encryption key (write once, read many), board identity (Vendor ID, board ID, serial number), and storage of the lowest, highest and current environmental temperatures. Finally, rounding out the ruggedized feature set, the input power current draw is measured and stored, allowing the OEM’s software to monitor its own health by calculating the module power consumption under various operating conditions.

About LiPPERT Embedded Computers

LiPPERT Embedded Computers develops and sells embedded PC modules. It supplies system integrators and OEM’s in markets as diverse as automotive, automation, medical devices, military, as well as aerospace. The company is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany. Customers in the USA and Canada are supported by a sales office in Duluth, Georgia.

Embedded PC’s from LiPPERT use the latest technologies and feature high integration levels. Most of the products are available for extended ambient temperatures and rated for rough environments. Custom designs are available on request. For more information about LiPPERT, visit www.lippertembedded.com, or e-mail info@lippertembedded.com.

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