VersaLogic announces ultra-fast PC/104-Plus embedded computer with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

San Jose, California — Apr. 26, 2010 – At the Embedded Systems Conference today VersaLogic Corp., a Eugene, Oregon-based embedded computer company, announced the "Leopard", an ultra-fast PC/104-Plus embedded computer. Leopard brings the power of the 2nd generation Intel® Core™2 Duo processor (SP9300) to a compact PC/104-Plus form factor.

Leopard is designed for applications which require extreme CPU and video processing performance in a compact 4.2” x 3.8” (107 mm x 96 mm) package. The SP9300 Core 2 Duo CPU is combined with the GS45 Graphics Memory Controller Hub and ICH9M I/O Controller Hub to form an extremely high-performance system. This powerful embedded computer is ideally suited for compute-intensive high-end applications such as flight navigation, guidance systems, and medical scanning / imaging. Leopard is qualified to MIL-STD-202G shock and vibration standards for use in harsh environments.

"VersaLogic's new Leopard is the premium, high-performance PC/104-Plus embedded solution for applications requiring high-speed processing and extreme graphics capabilities," said Len Crane, President of VersaLogic. "Quickly advancing technology requirements in the high-end OEM markets are driving the need for higher performance and increased processing power in a small package.  That's what this board really delivers. "

The Leopard owes its ability to pack extreme CPU and video performance into a PC/104-sized card to a new Core 2 Duo package. The small form factor (SFF) micro-FCBGA package uses 0.5 mm pitch balls to fit 956 connections in very little space. Intel’s GS45 + ICH9M chipset offers graphics core speeds up to 533 MHz for high-end graphics, advanced 3D rendering, high-definition video playback, and media acceleration for video CODECs. Analog VGA and LVDS flat panel video interfaces support flexible display configurations including Extended Desktop, Clone, and Twin display modes.

Available in full industrial (-40º to +85ºC) and commercial ( 0º to +60ºC) temperature versions, the Leopard can run at speeds of 2.26 GHz with a typical mid-range power consumption of only 21 watts. Standard on-board I/O includes two gigabit Ethernet ports, six USB 2.0 ports, five serial ports, dual SATA interface, LPT interface, and HD audio. Leopard has an SO-DIMM socket for up to 4 GB DDR3 RAM as well as several high-reliability flash storage options, including a latching MiniBlade socket and an eUSB interface. The GS45 chip supports both analog VGA and LVDS video interfaces for Extended Desktop, Clone, and Twin video display modes, as well as 3D video acceleration. Leopard provides both PCI and ISA stackable expansion buses.  An additional interface for SPX™ expansion modules provides add-on I/O for cost-effective, enhanced system scalability.

As with other VersaLogic embedded computer products, the Leopard features Phoenix Technologies’ Embedded BIOS® with OEM enhancements. The field-reprogrammable BIOS supports custom defaults and the Firmbase™ software developers kit (SDK) for security, remote/network booting, and other application functions. Leopard is compatible with a variety of popular operating systems, including Microsoft® Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux, VxWorks, and QNX.

The Leopard is customizable, even in low OEM quantities. Customization options include, but are not limited to, manufacturing to Class 3 specifications, conformal coating, BIOS customization, revision locks, custom labeling, high-G shock and vibration treatment, and custom testing and screening. The Leopard is fully RoHS compliant.

VersaLogic will begin shipping Leopard in April of 2010 with pricing around $2,050 in OEM quantities. For additional information, please visit VersaLogic Corp. at www.VersaLogic.com, email Sales@VersaLogic.com, or call toll-free           1-800-824-3163.

About VersaLogic Corporation  

A leading supplier of industrial computers since 1976, VersaLogic focuses on high-quality board-level products for embedded OEM applications. Its 5+ year production life guarantee and outstanding warranties demonstrate a commitment to service. Product platforms include EBX, PC/104™, PC/104-Plus, EPIC™, SUMIT™, and SPX™. For five consecutive years, VersaLogic has received the coveted "Platinum" level vendor rating based on independent user surveys by technology research firm VDC Research Group, Inc. VersaLogic is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. For more information, visit www.VersaLogic.com.

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