High Density Serial-ATA Embedded Solid State Drive

Viking Modular Solutions™ has introduced SATA Cube3™, an embedded solid state drive (SSD) designed as an ultra small form factor, embedded industrial grade Serial ATA (SATA) SSD. It is designed for OEM designers in the embedded, server, storage, networking and industrial sectors. Designers of form factors such as ATCA, uTCA, AMC, XMC, PMC and PCIe will find the low volumetric density and high storage capacity of the SATA Cube3 a strong solution for their space constrained applications. It has been designed for the most demanding of environmental conditions where a ruggedized solution is highly beneficial.

This option enables OEMs to design solutions with the high capacity and high reliability of a 2.5” or 1.8” SDD, but with the smallest mechanical footprint available today at 30x32mm. Available in densities of 4GB to 256GB, and with sustained read and write speeds of 110MB/sec and 79MB/sec respectively, the drive is 86 percent smaller than a 2.5” SSD/HDD. It is available as a BGA device or with a MicroSATA connector.