Enea Enhances Optima Software Tools for Multicore Development

Enea announced the availability of its Optima 2.2 Eclipsebased integrated development environment. The software features new capabilities for rapidly developing complex embedded multicore applications including enhanced profiling, analysis and memory management. The Optima System Profiler allows users to monitor the CPU usage of all cores, programs and threads at the same time. It also permits the user to experiment with system performance by analyzing scenarios involving the moving of specific code from one core to another. The Optima Log Analyzer allows users to correlate logs even when no common timestamps exist. Additionally, the new Optima Heap Browser provides insight into overall heap memory usage, as well details about individual process usage and buffers, for optimization and error detection purposes. The Enea Optima tool suite is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment targeting the Enea OSE®, Enea OSEck and many other popular real-time and embedded operating systems.