Welcome to Hardware/Firmware Interfacings!

By Gary Stringham

This blog focuses on interfaces. Primarily, it focuses on the interface between hardware and firmware in an embedded device. In addition, it focuses on the interface between hw and fw engineers developing the embedded device. It also focuses on the interface between customers using the embedded device.

You can find writings by hw engineers talking about hw engineering. You can find writings by fw engineers about fw engineering. But there is very little written about the interface between the two. Virtual prototypes and other similar tools do an excellent job of getting hw and fw engineers working together but if that is the first time they get together in a project, then it is too late. Hw and fw engineers should start collaborating at the beginning of the project, before the hw design is specified.

The goal of this blog is to provide readers with insights to improve the design, development, integration, and customer experience of the hw and fw aspects of embedded devices. Comments to the posts, whether in agreement or contrary, are welcome.

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